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What's the sixth place? Recep receptionist And the receptionist is cleaning the environments cleaning the air changing the air filters Vacuuming mopping and they're there everything is obsessively cleaned or a clean environment From that behind the receptionist is the seven places the fishtank So what's the seventh place fish tank beautiful tropical fish tank and in there you'll remember sleep So just see Nemo and Dory sleeping, but don't just make it regular sleep think they're in their pajamas They're snoring They are in their bunk beds see and feel what that would feel and Majan that if it makes you laugh Remember information alone is not memorable information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory so they're sleeping now from there you walk to the classroom because you're gonna take you know, Our speed reading class the door to the classroom is the eighth place the door with eighth place the door door And it's locked.

So how do you open it? You just put on your helmet which reminds you of protect your brain and you headbutt the door open another That's very good for your brain, but it shatters everywhere. But the helmet is what you want to remember protect your brain  Nootrogen Okay from there immediately up front is a whiteboard. That's a ninth place. What's the ninth place white boy bored and I'm there I'm there, and I'm drawing on there teaching you and what am I teaching you I'm writing these two words new Learnings new learnings and I want you to think about the marker think about what your favorite color is. What's your what's your favorite color? Red red and it's red and I'm drawing that in red new learnings because new learnings makes neurogenesis neuroplasticity There's a study on the cover of Time magazine These nuns living to and above They found out half of their longevity had to do with their faith and.

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